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Choose the Escape60 closest to you

Choose the Escape60 closest to you



Escape 60 is an indoor experience among friends, colleagues, and family members that takes place within a mysterious environment and is especially designed to enhance cooperation, teamwork skills, problem solving, and intelligence. You will be locked in a room and have 60 minutes to crack codes, find hidden items and clues, solve riddles, and manage to find the exit. You have never experienced anything like it!

Who can play?

Groups of friends, colleagues, and family. It’s fun for all ages. Players under 12 require a parent or guardian in the room. Group size varies from 2 to 16 players according to the room chosen.


Do you want your own business? Escape 60 is the best option in the ever-growing entertainment market. We offer a huge opportunity combining entertainment, satisfaction, and financial return. Contact us! We are ready to be your partner.


Events and Parties

Celebrate birthdays, parties, and happy hours with us! It’s a new and unforgettable way to surprise your friends at special times.



Escape 60 is a totally innovative and playful interdisciplinary activity in which students have fun while developing their skills. The activity can be applied to Elementary School students I and II and High School. Contact us for more information on special packages.


Corporate, Marketing, and HR

Selection, training, and integration for your company. Communication, leadership, and team building skills analyzed in an innovative way. Customize an Escape 60 room in order to launch new products and offer your customers a new experience of the brand.


Corporate clients

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Death Row
Twelve years ago, you were unjustly imprisoned for a murder you did not commit and have now been sentenced to death. The jailer "Keeper" will return in an hour and you will be taken to the electric chair. Throughout history, only one person has managed to escape from this prison.
Brasov`s Haunted Castle
Brasov, Transylvania. 600 years ago a count named Johnathan Vanlof lived in the area. Astute and very ingenious, Vanlof carefully studied the magical arts secretly taught by a witch cult of that time. Persecuted by the authorities and accused of numerous crimes against the clergy and the crown, Vanlof cast a spell on his own castle that locked him in another dimension along with his servants. Legend has it that the castle would appear every fifty years for only one night, and the one who would undo the spell would have the eternal gratitude of Vanlof, making himself the holder of all his wealth. And here you are, after spending all night looking in every room for a way to undo the spell, there is only the old kitchen. But hurry up! In 60 minutes the sun will rise and the castle will disappear again, making you stay with Vanlof forever …
The Star-Kov Scandal
You are board directors for Star-Kov, a major Ukrainian telecom company. The last few days have been troubling. Vladmir Kursha, the company’s vice-president for finance was indicted for illegal activities regarding bribes of over US$ 600 million to Ukrainian government leaders. It seems to be just the tip of the iceberg. To minimize the crisis and the sharp drop in equities, Star-Kov’s President summoned you to an event at Grand Hotel Kiev. Once accommodated, getting ready for the first meeting, you realize the door is locked whilst you smell smoke. What a trap! In fact, to avoid conviction, Kursha and the President decided to burn all the company’s history, including documents and personnel. The temperature is rising. You have only 60 minutes to escape the room before you are turned into archive. Obs. The same scenery as Rescue Operation with a totally different game.
The German Legacy
What a surprise! You have received a curious and charming letter from an uncle who lives in Germany. In it, in addition to the Lufthansa direct flight tickets Sao Paulo-Munich, there was a message to rescue an important heritage and the precious German legacy that is undergoing a process of transformation and renovation! Only persistence and unity will allow you to brave this country full of magic and innovation! If they fail to complete the mission, this magical treasure of their family will be lost forever. Good luck!
Shark Tank
You are the owners of Black Skate, a start-up whose purpose is to offer an alternative to facilitate urban mobility by offering rentals of skateboards and traditional and motorized skates. With only eight months of life, the company has had an exponential growth but now is the turning point and you have decided to go for all or nothing, or rather, dive headlong into the shark tank, the famous "Shark Tank". Now will be a real competition against time. You have only 60 minutes to convince Cristiana Arcangeli, José Carlos Semenzato, Caito Maia, João Appolinário and Camila Farani to make a significant contribution of capital to make the business become a super enterprise. Don`t let the sharks "stay out" of this great project. Good luck!

The Escape 60 Xtreme is the perfect opportunity for you to face your fears and go through situations that will leave your emotions on edge. You will be locked in a multi-room environment and will have one hour to interact and manage to find a way out, all around a story and characters that will amaze you. Inside the rooms, actors will interact with your team, making the experience even more terrifying. You`ve never seen anything like it!

Macabre Weeding (+12)
After over an hour wait, all the guests are worried with the groom’s delay. Desperate, the bride can’t reach him through the phone and asks you, the best man/brides maids, to leave the ceremony in search of him. What could have happened? When you arrive at his home, you realize something is strange and not everything went as planned. A chill crawl up your spine! You can feel it in your skin! You have only 60 minutes to understand what happened and escape the house, with or without the groom. - Restricted to pregnant women!
The Kidnapping (+15)
Upon returning from partying, you and your friends were approached by a group of armed men and were forced into a strange car. Yes, you were the victims of a kidnapping. Already in captivity, it is clear that it was a crime of solicitation. But the criminals Josias and Ramos are not willing to release you alive, even after the payment of the ransom. You will need intelligence and cold blood to interact with the kidnappers and escape before you are killed. - Restricted to pregnant women!
Reservations can only be made online. Check available dates and times, choose the Escape 60 room of your preference, and select the number of players Payment will be redirected to the PagSeguro page.

Fixed rate of R$84.90 per person.

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*Gift cards for 2:
1) Can play in rooms with a minimum capacity of 2 or 3 people (Ex: Panic at the Metro)
2) Can play in rooms with a minimum capacity of 4 people, if they pay two extra people on game daybr>

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Contact and Address
Tel.: +55 (11) 3842-9066 | +55 (11) 3842-6016
WhatsApp: +55 (11) 94782-1465
Horário de funcionamento
Seg. a Qui - das 10:00 às 22:30 horas
Sex e Sáb - das 10:00 à 23:50 horas
Dom: das 10:00 às 22:30
O local possui estacionamento e serviço de manobrista.

Rua Baluarte, 18
Vila Olímpia - São Paulo/SP
Cep: 04549-010
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